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Cooperatives Build Prosperity for All


The 2024 ICA Global Conference theme, Cooperatives Build Prosperity for All, is inspired by the value cooperatives have been proven to add to their communities and by the international cooperation among cooperatives, fostered by the ICA since its creation in 1895 – despite challenges such as war, economic hard times and natural disasters.

This Global Conference aims to inspire global cooperation and promote cooperatives as people-centred, purpose-led institutions. It will take place near the mid-way point towards 2030 and the UN Summit of the Future, focusing on cooperative enterprises and institutions as key partners on the Sustainable Development Goals.

The central theme, Cooperatives Build Prosperity for All, will be discussed through four plenaries, each flanked by four parallel sessions, and curated to develop an Action Agenda for Cooperatives to Accelerate the SDGs.


The four key themes of the conference are:


Enabling Policy and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem - We want to create more space for the cooperative movement in society at large. We promote cooperatives to legislators, governments, international organisations and the public and highlight their capacity to address social and environmental issues via their unique business case.

Reaffirming Cooperative Identity - We wish to deepen our understanding of the cooperative identity and ensure a proper updating of the Statement on the Cooperative Identity to address current challenges facing cooperatives around the world.

Nurturing Purposeful Leadership - We support young people, women and girls, and also high potential future leaders from within and outside the movement, so they can make the most of their potential. We want to build ambition and encourage learning for life, equipping everyone with the right skills for a changing world.

Shaping a Just, Equal and Resilient Future - We recognise the need to tackle inequality and strengthen communities left behind in the global economy. By understanding local needs and engaging with vulnerable communities, we can help provide the changes they need for a stronger, more resilient future.


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