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Throughout the 2024 Global Conference, we are running a diverse array of exciting and engaging activities that complement our main programme! from interactive networking sessions to cultural excursions and social gatherings, our side events are designed to enrich your conference experience and provide opportunities for meaningful connections. Read on to explore what’s on offer!

Film Festival Event

Experience the power of cooperative storytelling at the #NewDelhi2024 Film Festival. Discover captivating films and documentaries on cooperatives, including historical narratives and acclaimed productions. Engage in discussions and screenings that celebrate the work of cooperators and promote cooperative values through visual storytelling.

There will be a screening of the award-winning 1976 film Manthan (The Churning), which follows the development of India’s cooperative dairy movement. 

This event will take place on the 25th of November.

Sightseeing and Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable tourism in and around New Delhi offers a harmonious blend of cultural exploration. Visitors can discover the region's rich history and vibrant heritage sites while actively engaging in eco-friendly practices. Explore ancient monuments such as the Qutub Minar and Humayun's Tomb, or immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of the Delhi Ridge forests. These sustainable tourism initiatives prioritise responsible travel practices, ensuring that the region's natural and cultural treasures are preserved for future generations.

Sectoral Symposiums & Thematic Meetings

Delve into thematic discussions on technology, renewable energy, affordable housing, financial inclusion, and more. Organised by ICA regions, sectoral organisations, and thematic committees, these events highlight impactful work upholding Principle 6. Explore side events by working groups focusing on statutory and topical issues.

Join us at the ICA General Assembly and Global Conference in New Delhi for a transformative experience filled with knowledge-sharing, collaboration, and inspiration. Explore the full schedule of events and activities, and register now to secure your spot at this premier cooperative gathering.


The Coopathon is a collaborative event to develop innovative cooperative solutions for global challenges such as climate change, migration, and technology integration. Led by the ICA Global Youth Network and Patio, participants will engage in a hackathon-style event to brainstorm ideas that promote solidarity, resilience, and sustainable development within the cooperative movement. By leveraging technology, data analytics, and social entrepreneurship, the Coopathon aims to foster cooperation and mutual support among cooperatives to address complex issues in today's world.

Cooperative Exposition

Join us at the Cooperative Exposition, a vibrant platform bringing together sellers, buyers, and enthusiasts of cooperative businesses. Supported by IFFCO and the International Trade Centre, this event will showcase cutting-edge farm-tech and products. 

Governmental Roundtable on the Common Cooperative Agenda

Participate in the Governmental Roundtable to shape a common cooperative agenda on the eve of the UN International Year of Cooperatives 2025. Hosted in collaboration with the Government of India, this event aims to strengthen the bond between governments and cooperatives for a successful UN-IYC 2025.

*Stay tuned for updates on speakers, session details, and additional activities to enhance your conference experience.


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